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Don Caywood

Growing up, graduating, and living in West Texas for most of his life, Pastor Don has a great knowledge of the people in the communities served by OCFC, their needs, likes, and tendencies, and he has a passion to equip them for the vision God has for the Permian Basin.

The dedication of Pastor Don has not only helped build Odessa Christian Faith Center but has also opened doors for him to speak at churches and seminars throughout the United States and abroad teaching congregations how to live a victorious life through faith.

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Odessa Christian
Faith Center

Odessa Christian Faith Center (OCFC) was founded in 1981 by Pastors Don and Paulette Caywood. Beginning in a small room in downtown Odessa with 22 people in attendance, OCFC has been blessed by God as it has grown and seen the Word of God increases in the congregation.

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Don and Mary Caywood

While Pastor Paulette passed away in 2019, her legacy of excellence in ministry continues at Odessa Christian Faith Center. In an answered prayer, Pastor Don remarried in July of 2021. He and his wife, Mary, are passionate about discipling the congregants of Odessa Christian Faith Center and reaching the lost of the Permian Basin with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Teach God's people who they are in Christ; what they have in Christ; what they can do through Christ.


Know God as your source, Live the truth of God's Word, Understand Purpose and Destiny.

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